Welcome to The Creatrix Studio, the remote production division of BTG Multimedia.

Here, we handle all of your emerging and new media needs.  From narrative and commercial to instructional e-courses and content creation, personal branding to storytelling sales, our team can — and has — handled it all. We understand that the world is ever-changing, and you’ll have to evolve the way you work if you’re going to keep up.


Just who are we and how do we do it? Our name says it all.

Creatrix is the feminine manifestation of “to create”, and here that’s where we put our focus.  We centralize the feminine experience in the work we do and the people we serve. We desire to help those who’ve traditionally been silenced and excluded — namely womxn and femme-presenting professionals — to find their voices, tell their stories, and do it with authenticity, style, and excellence.


If you’re a guy reading this, not to worry: we’re still here to help. All we ask is that you understand that when you sign up to work with us, you’re working with a femme-centric, women-led, counter-conventional team that believes being anti-oppressive is as much about the way we work as it is about the way we live. We liberally and unapologetically use words like equity, integration, and access. And while we our of femme-focused energy doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll show up to meetings with glittery gel pens and sparkly notebooks… just know that if we did, it’s best not to underestimate our awesome.


Now, we fully understand that some folks think such things have no place in business, but we’ve seen many change their perspective once they see how our practice of fierce collaboration, unwavering integrity, and radical authenticity have led us to repetitive, heightened success.


Sound like something you can get behind? Then we just might be your cup of tea.  Click here and schedule your FREE discovery call today.

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